Airnest Partners with A Shot Above of WNC, LLC. for Beta Testing

As part of our beta testing, we’ve allowed several businesses exclusive early access to our software. One of these, A Shot Above of WNC, LLC., who specializes in aerial photography for real estate marketing purposes. A Shot Above of WNC, LLC. also provides aerial coverage of events, from long distance cycle races to football games. Both services require a skilled pilot who can operate the drone whilst seamlessly photographing a point of reference on the ground.  

I spoke with A Shot Above of WNC, LLC. owner Allen Newland to find out how Airnest is helping his business, and to discover what he thinks of our drone software revolution so far…

“In general, position accuracy and smooth control are huge challenges when working with digital images.” - Allen Newland

First things first, just what are the biggest problems that he faces when using drones for photography purposes? Allen told me that “In general, position accuracy and smooth control are huge challenges when working with digital images. My goal is to be as precise, as quick and as smooth as possible in order to produce high resolution images and video”. It’s safe to say that this isn’t always easy when flying up to 200ft above the ground, but with the help of Airnest’s beta software he’s been able to bring new levels of consistency to his photography.

Drawing with the airnest app.

When I asked Allen for his thoughts on using our Airnest app, he said that so far he was “absolutely thrilled”. Because our software allows users to draw up their flight plan ahead of time, flights can become more efficient, with many of the uncertainties facing pilots dealt with before they’ve even left the ground. Allen agreed, telling me that “Airnest has allowed me to plan and tweak my flight on the ground long before the aircraft is even in the air”.

It’s not all about pre-flight planning though. Airnest also allows pilots to change the flight plan in real time and perform complex manoeuvres with a few swipes of their finger. Allen told me that “once it’s launched Airnest handles the flight plan with great precision and makes for a great final product for my company to work with”.

“Airnest has evolved into a powerful tool for me and my company.” - Allen Newland

Home(Nest) view within Airnest app.

I also asked Allen about whether he had used other 3rd party software to help with his aerial photography, which raised a valuable point about trust in the commercial drone industry. As he admitted, he’s “very picky” as to which software he allows full control over his valuable business equipment. Because of this it’s a testament to Airnest’s reliability and performance that he’s welcomed it with open arms. As he says, “Airnest has evolved into a powerful tool for me and my company. I look forward to using it in its final public version very soon”.

We currently have beta testers using our software all over the world, and are working hard to implement their feedback before its official release. Just like Allen from A Shot Above of WNC, LLC., who admits to be “eagerly looking forward to the public release to see what other magic the Airnest  team can pull off”, we can’t wait to bring one touch aerial imagery to the masses.