Interview with Airnest Beta Tester Bruce Dempsey

Image by Bruce Dempsey

At Airnest our soon-to-be-released software has been helped along in its development by a number of testers from around the world. The Drone Software Revolution wouldn’t be able to take place without testers willing to give our beta software a trial run and provide us with feedback, and Bruce Dempsey, an experienced professional cameraman in Nova Scotia, Canada, is one of a select few lucky enough to try out Airnest before it’s available to the masses...  

Bruce began using a Phantom 1 in 2013 and, as with many users, found that it was “a daunting experience fraught with stress”, and that just keeping the drone in sight and in control was a hard enough task, let alone producing high quality video footage.

While Bruce admits that the Phantom 3 Advanced drone he uses today is far easier to fly, “it still requires almost total attention on the controls to keep the aircraft heading in the right direction and maintain the elevation needed”. While Bruce certainly isn't alone in struggling to find the balance between a safe, controlled flight and producing a high-quality end result, he’s one of an exclusive number lucky enough to get hands on the beta version of our Airnest app.   

drone-filming “went from high-stress to pleasurable excitement”

Video shot by Airnest Beta Tester Nikita Maru in Moscow.

As well as allowing you to plan flight paths ahead of time, Airnest gives drone pilots the ability to change course and set elevation with the swipe of a finger. When Bruce added Airnest to his drone-filming process everything “went from high-stress to pleasurable excitement”. But it isn’t just in simplifying flight control that Airnest excels. With the built-in capacity to focus the camera on a point of interest regardless of flightpath, Airnest has ensured that Bruce is now “getting the video I’ve always wanted”. Our software allows drone pilots to multitask in the air, which Bruce admits has been a burden off of his shoulders.  

It’s fair to say that Bruce Dempsey is more than happy with his experience of Airnest so far. With years of experience in the industry, Bruce “started in the video business using a camera that was employed at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Since then there have been more changes and improvements than I care to remember, and unlike various other drone apps I have purchased recently, Airnest is super simple to use and gives flawless results.”

At Airnest we want to say goodbye to the days of pilots simply hoping for the best; whether that’s in terms of the video footage which returns after a wobbly flight or the blind hope that the drone will even be coming back at all. Stay tuned for more stories from our beta testers.