Twitter Patent Shows Potential for Social Media Drones

Unsurprisingly, taking a look through the latest patents filed by technology companies is a great way to predict industry trends and see what's coming around the corner. As we discovered last week, drones certainly have a role to play in social media.  Now though, it seems there are even more possibilities. On December 17th social media giant Twitter was granted a patent for a UAV connected to its messaging platform. 

Whilst this is probably little more than a speculative application for something which might become a good idea in the future, a Twitter spokesperson speaking to CNBC hinted at the potential of "Drone Selfies". 

Imagine taking a miniature drone connected to your Twitter or Periscope account with you to a sporting event, concert or festival. We can already broadcast our thoughts live via 144 characters, along with split-second images and video, so why not broadcast everything from an external perspective high above? Let's face it, selfies have outstayed their welcome anyway; the age of the dronie is about to begin...