Developer Update: Plan

Now that Airnest has been on the App Store for several weeks, we wanted to give you a preview of a new tool we are working on - Plan. 

As always, Airnest is a design-first company. We make the user experience our first priority. That's why we have adopted a tool-based approach to our software. You can pick and choose what tool to use at any given moment and see only the options you need to accomplish a given task.

With Path we wanted the quickest and easiest method for the creation of cinematic shots. However, some of you want a bit more control. Maybe you want to string Path drawings together and fully control a flight. Plan is our answer. 

Plan will allow you to draw waypoints or drop them individually. You can also set up to 5 points of interest. You can quickly and easily edit and move waypoints after dropping them. There are also some additional features, but we will stay quiet about those for now...Below is a rough sketch of how Plan will look and feel.

Rough Draft of the 'Plan' tool in an upcoming Airnest update. 

Rough Draft of the 'Plan' tool in an upcoming Airnest update.