It’s Time for the Drone Software Revolution

With the likes of Microsoft, NASA and GoPro wading into a drone marketplace already crowded with a number of commercial developers, we think it’s probably time to look closely at creating user-friendly software which can be rolled out across the board.  

Commercial drones have the potential to revolutionize several industries, from filming and photography to real-estate, agriculture, and even the way we fight tropical diseases. Unfortunately though, and perhaps as you’d expect from such complicated feats of engineering, drones are still pretty difficult to fly. Even once you’ve mastered the art of drone control, it’s another thing entirely to, for example, execute manoeuvres whilst taking photos or filming a point of interest. This leaves all but a few skilled pilots unable to make the most of their drone. There are certainly parallels to be drawn with the PC industry in the 1980s; everyone seems to be waiting for the software to catch up.   

At Airnest we’ve moved away from developing our own drone, instead deciding to focus on doing what we do best. We’re finalizing software that will allow you to perform complicated manoeuvres with a simple swipe of a finger on your iPad. We’re sure that this will make taking a drone for a spin a much more accessible experience for all.

To begin with, our software will run with a selection of DJI drones. Our apps will be available on the App Store for iOS, but it won’t be long before we branch out onto android devices and work with other drone manufacturers as well.

The aim is to ease the pressure and difficulty that comes with manual control, so our software allows you to draw the path you want your drone to take, whilst selecting a point for it to focus on for the duration of the journey. This leads to footage and photographs which would be all but impossible for the majority of drone users to capture. There are a number of new features on the horizon, so watch this space!        

Airnest is leading the way in the Drone Software Revolution; soon everyone can be a pilot.