South Africa Footage From Parrot Bebop 2 Goes Viral

We've seen some pretty impressive aerial shots over the last year or so, but this test flight footage from the new Parrot Bebop 2 drone may just be the best yet...

Taking in the very best scenery that South Africa has to offer, French drone-enthusiast Robin Icare used the Bebop 2 to capture some of the most incredible shots we've seen. From majestic coastlines to mountains and an aerial safari, this video has it all. 

The Bebop 2 was released in December, can fly for as long as 25 minutes, and can reach heights of over 100m. The 14 mega-pixel camera has full 1080p HD recording and the drone has a signal range of up to 300m, which goes a long way to explaining some of the shots Icare was able to get!  

The Bebop 2 has also won rave reviews for its compatibility with the whole spectrum of POV first person headsets, which are turning ordinary drone flights into something of a virtual reality experience.