Drone Hunters Strike in New Zealand

There aren't many scenic spots in the world more spectacular than New Zealand's majestic North Island, apart from maybe the South Island. A great place to capture some drone footage you might say. But where there are drones, there are drone hunters...

Footage has surfaced of a drone being shot out of the sky above the mountains in the Tararua Forest Park, north of Wellington. The video shows two separate perspectives. In the first, the pilot is filming his drone flying along, before a gunshot rings out and his pride and joy falls out of the sky. The second shows the same event recorded from the drone's on-board camera. 

This, of course, isn't the first time that a drone has been shot down. Whilst back in the States a Kentucky resident downed a drone he claims was flying over his property, incidents such as this raise questions around the viability of delivery drones. A sky full of autonomous vehicles might be too hard to resist for a minority or trigger-happy drone haters who know they are unlikely to get caught.  

The drone in question survived, just. 

The drone in question survived, just. 

Can't we all just get along, or at least capture annoying drones, rather than shooting them down?...