CES 2016 Round-up - The Week That Drones Took Off?

Since the FAA made the registration of drones in America compulsory last month there have been over 180,000 sign-ups, with many more expected over the next month or so. Riding the wave of spiked drone ownership and popularity, it's safe to say that CES 2016 couldn't have come at a better time. Here's our pick of the best in drone technology showcased in Las Vegas, coming soon to a tech store near you...


Undoubtedly one of the stars of the show at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Glyph is part virtual reality, part drone accessory. Essentially it's a way to take in the view from your drone as if you were up inside its cockpit. 

Creators Avegant describe Glyph as a "personal theatre" headset, and while the immersive experience it gives you is as close to soaring above the clouds as you are personally going to get, its expected that the same technology will be applied to 3D movies and video games in the near future. 

Yuneec Typhoon H

The premise of the Yuneec Tyhoon H is pretty simple. It's smarter than your average drone, and is a whole lot more adept at reacting to the immediate environment. This was highlighted on stage at CES, where the drone was tasked with following a cyclist through a mock forest, and was able to dodge and navigate around falling trees. Collision avoidance is handy in any drone, especially if you want to focus on something else and need to rely on it to do the filming. 


Ehang's personal transport drone - the 184 - was possibly one of the most ambitious announcements at CES 2016. Still in testing, the drone is capable of carrying a passenger for short to medium length journeys, and can fly as fast as 60mph. 

But with new rules and regulations being introduced by aviation authorities around the world, EHANG's future is far from concrete. Just as important as winning the trust of regulatory bodies though, will be gaining the trust of potential passengers - both of which may shy away from the thought of an autonomous transport vehicle with no manual override. 

Parrot's Fixed-Wing Disco Drone

So maybe you've had enough of quadcopters? Maybe Parrot's new fixed-wing plane is for you. It has a wing span of around one meter, and is capable of reaching speeds of 50mph after automatically taking off. All you need to do is toss it into the air. The Disco has a 14 mega-pixel camera attached to its nose, and although the company haven't given anything away about how much it'll cost, the plan is to release it later this year.