Pilot Responsible for Amazing Footage Could Be in Big Trouble

It's the perfect winter scene. Snow is falling, the lake has frozen over and families are out skating across the ice. One man chose to bring together what is a classic January tradition with a more modern hobby. The footage below is from Serpentine Fen, Canada and is one of many films from drone pilot and photographer Christian LeBlanc. 

Uploading incredible footage like this onto Youtube is great for the rest of us, but unfortunately it also happens to be evidence of a quite serious misdemeanour. You see, Serpentine Fen is just a few hundred metres from a small airport called King George Airpark, and under Transport Canada safety guidelines, drones can’t be flown within nine kilometres.

Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc

It's safe to say that Airport owner Arnold Klappe wasn't impressed. In an interview with local news station CTV he said that “People are so interested in getting the shot nowadays that they don’t care what the rules are. They don’t care about other people’s safety”. 

Pilot LeBlanc told the same news station that he is never anything other than responsible with his drone, and simply didn't know that the airport existed. The incident has been reported to Transport Canada, and LeBlanc could, at least in theory, face a heavy fine. 

Let's hope that common sense prevails, and that this talented pilot and photographer is given the benefit of the doubt. Just be more careful next time Christian! 

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes. If Mr LeBlanc had been using Airnest, he'd have known all about the nearby airport. Our App includes our Flysafe technology - which not only indicates airport no-fly zones, but also gives you local weather reports, instantly.