Rook - The Home Surveillance Drone You can Pilot from Anywhere

Ah! Just when it seems that all of the potential uses for drones have been thought of, a clever company comes along and surprises you. A famous tech brand once used the slogan "there's an app for that"; judging from this latest innovation in UAV technology, we may not be too far away from the "there's a drone for that" stage...

The Rook drone will connect to your home's Wi-Fi network

The Rook drone will connect to your home's Wi-Fi network

Introducing Rook, from the team at Eighty Nine Robotics. Rook is effectively a one-drone surveillance system that can be operated from anywhere in the world. The idea is that you can pilot it from your phone to check up on your home. Ever had that sinking feeling that you've left the oven on, or gone on holiday without shutting the back door? Rook is designed for situations such as this, giving you peace of mind and/or confirmation of your forgetfulness. 

Eighty Nine Robotics recently launched an Indiegogo campaign, and early backers can grab a Rook for as little as US$99. If everything works out the company expects to begin shipping the Rook in December 2016, but as with any crowdfunded project, this predicted date has to be viewed with caution. We all know what happened with the Zano drone

The Rook will be fitted with soft blades to ensure that clumsy pilots don't cause any damage to their valuables, while you will also be able to purchase an automatic charging dock, so you can fly around your house everyday from afar.