Dutch Police Train Eagles to Take Down Drones

It's kind of inevitable that birds of prey would eventually get sick of drones buzzing around their skies, but now Dutch police have joined forces with Guard from Above - a company specialising in aerial security of a whole different kind - to make the most of this very instinctive hatred.

In what has been labelled by Guard from Above as "a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem", the raptor-training security firm based in the Hague is offering a new way to keep wayward drones from causing trouble; by snatching them right out of the sky.

The video below shows a Bald Eagle demonstrating its hunting skills. Speaking with the GuardianNational Audubon Society’s (A bid conservation group) Geoff LeBaron said “What I find fascinating is that birds can hit the drone in such a way that they don’t get injured by the rotors. They seem to be whacking the drone right in the centre so they don’t get hit; they have incredible visual acuity and they can probably actually see the rotors.”

While we can only see a drone's rotors as a blur, it's likely that eagles can make them out, meaning they have no trouble avoiding injury when it comes to the crunch.

This isn't the only method developed to take down drones in recent times. Not too long ago a group of British technology companies trialled a 'death-ray', capable of downing and disabling a drone from up to one mile away. Also in the news has been a drone designed in Michigan, capable of catching its fellow UAVs with a net, before carrying it off to a safe location.