Dev Update: Enter the Marquee & Lasso Tools

Long pressing on some tools will reveal additional options. 

It's time for another update on the progress of our new tool - Plan. If you are like us, you hate wasting time. Adding dozens of waypoints and having the ability to manually adjust settings is great when setting up a flight plan. However, when you start getting over 50 waypoints the process of adjusting altitude and multiple points of interest can start to get tedious. We're designing Marquee and Lasso to solve this problem.


Drag a rectangle for marquee selections or draw a shape for lasso selections. 

With 'Plan' we are taking a lot of inspiration from photo editing software. These applications make fine tuning and adjusting projects quick and easy.  We want the same thing with our flight plans. Marquee and Lasso provide the ability to select all or a specific series of waypoints and make quick edits to them.  This includes setting a point of interest and also a beginning and ending altitude. When you set two altitudes on a series of waypoints 'Plan' will automatically increment the altitude evenly between all of the selected waypoints. Gone are the days of having to setup and manually adjust each waypoint individually. 

Stay tuned for additional updates. Marqee and Lasso aren't the only inspirations we took from our photography friends...