GoPro Releases Mysterious 'Karma' Drone Footage

The development of GoPro's camera drone has been one of the most closely guarded tech secrets in recent years. The company, which many credit with being the catalyst for the selfie craze still around today, is yet to release any real information behind its entry to the UAV market. What GoPro has released though, are a couple of promotional videos and a suggestion that the drone, called the 'Karma', will be available at some point this year...

karma drone

So we don't know what the drone looks like, how much it will cost, or any details regarding possible features. But, if the promo videos are to be believed, there is one thing we can expect from the Karma. The video below shows freestyle skier Bobby Brown and some pals hitting the slopes of Aspen, Colorado. If you watch carefully, around halfway into the clip the skier lets go of the GoPro and flies into the air, and instead of falling to the ground the drone takes off and begins to film from above. 

So this suggests we could be looking at a drone capable of launching from mid-air, which may even be capable of tracking moving subjects too, like the throw-and-shoot Lily drone