Essential Accessories for the Drone Enthusiast

From personal transport to photography, racing and underwater reconnaissance, the drone industry is definitely on the up. Whatever reason you fly, there are a whole load of accessories to help boost your experience. Here are a few that we recommend...

Remote Control Wind Protection

remote control drone accessory

There's nothing worse than trying to perform a delicate drone manoeuvre when your hands are freezing cold. You need all the sensitivity you can get, right. Well this handy cover keeps your hands and controller protected from the elements, so you can concentrate on being the best pilot possible.

Drone GPS Tracker

drone tracker

It's a scenario so many drone pilots have experienced. You're happily flying along and suddenly a gust of wind takes you by surprise and your drone heads off into the horizon. Armed with a GPS tracker you can find your drone wherever it decides to come down. 

Monitor Sunshade

drone control sunshade

If you're lucky enough to be flying your drone outside in a place where too much sun is the only problem, you might want to consider a monitor sunshade. While many tablets and phones have anti-glare capabilities, a little bit of shade will make sure you you can see what you're shooting. 



Not all accessories can be ordered on Amazon and delivered to your door. The Airnest app has a number of features to take your flying to the next level. Set up your flight plan before take-off, choose your point of focus and select a route with the swipe of a finger. 

Shoulder Strap Sling

drone strap sling

Whether you're filming for fun or using your drone for business purposes, carrying around a hefty controller can take it out of you after a while. Why not invest in a shoulder strap to take the weight off?