How Drones are Revolutionizing Real Estate

Drones give photographers a whole new perspective to work with, and aerial images are proving useful across a number of different industries. But when we use drones to do the dirty work and increase the efficiency of often longwinded tasks, it's easy to forget that they can also help project something else: luxury. We've already seen how drone photography has the potential to change the way we do wedding photography. Today we're going to take a closer look at aerial imagery in the Real Estate market. 

Drone photography is fast becoming a staple of luxury real estate. Agencies are utilizing UAVs to produce a new form of digital advertising. Speaking with the Seattle Times, real estate photography producer Darrell Monda said, "People are buying multimillion-dollar homes, and the drone establishes the lifestyle of the property. Most of my guys, my photographers, have drones. They keep them in their trunks, at the ready.” 

Of course, technology and real estate have come together before. Virtual home video tours are now common place, and the introduction of virtual reality is destined to make these even more impressive and immersive. But drones offer progress of a different sort.

A high definition camera in the sky can show you things from a unique perspective. Dramatic aerial landscapes with an impressive home at the centre — at one point only possible through the use of an expensive helicopter -  can now be realized with a single drone. They're a bunch more versatile too, allowing photographers to get more creative with their shots. As you can see in the video above, a drone allows photographers to get a closer look at a property from a variety of angles, while still oozing the professionalism and class needed to successfully sell a home. 

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