Australian Fishermen use Drone to Catch Massive Tuna

Fishing and drones shouldn't be a combination that works, but tell that to the Australians. That's right, some cunning Aussies have harnessed the power of a DJI Phantom to great effect down under, in a trend that may well take off around the world.  

fishing with a drone

We've seen fishing before, but never on this kind of scale. For example, this guy used his drone to physically lift fish out of the water. No mean feat, but surely drones can be used in a more sophisticated way?

We can do better than that. Having flown their drone out to sea with live bait attached, the on-board camera was able to show the Australian fishermen where the tuna shoals were gathering. With the fish in sight, the pilot was able to guide the bait right on top of them... 

Clearly these tuna were a bit too big to simply lift straight out of the water with a drone. Cleverly, in a variation of kite fishing, the drone was only used to guide the bait and provide an overhead view. With the rod on the shore also attached, the line between the drone and the bait disconnected as soon as the fish was hooked. 

It's an impressive video, not only for the fishing, but also for the stunning coastal scenery. We hope that it will be the first of many surprise applications for consumer drones.