PrecisionHawk and DJI Partner for Agriculture Revolution

Two of the drone industry's biggest players have joined forces, in an exclusive partnership designed revolutionize agriculture and make drone services more accessible to farmers. 

The result is a package at a more accessible price point, and one that, according to a PrecisionHawk statement, will “set a new standard for UAV remote sensing within agriculture.”

PrecisionHawk and DJI have announced an agreement that will provide an easy-to-use drone and data package for farmers. In case you didn't know, PrecisionHawk develop fixed-wing drones for mapping and argiculture maintainance, but the company's speciality is arguably in innovative software. DJI on the other hand, is the largest and most popular consumer drone company in the world, and also has several multi-prop UAVs used for commercial purposes.

In short then, this is a partnership between the leaders in hardware and the leaders in software. The companies have dubbed the result 'The Smarter Farming Package', and it includes a DJI drone, PrecisionHawk's Data Mapper software and a selection of sensors. 

Farmers can choose either a DJI Matrice 100 or 600, depending on their needs. Whichever drone is chosen, it will come fully assembled as part of the package, along with a carrying case for easy transport. 

PrecisionHawk's DataMapper software has been designed to measure a number of agricultural properties, from crop health to plant density and 3D-drainage mapping. Sensors in the package include multispectral and a standard visual imaging camera, which will allow the DJI drone to gather valuable data to be analysed post-flight. 

"Our mission as a company is to be a leading data analytics platform for aerial information collection in agriculture," says Patrick Lohman, vice president of partnerships at PrecisionHawk. "That's what spurred this partnership to create an enterprise hardware solution. 

"By combining our strengths - DJI's world-renowned hardware and PrecisionHawk's seamless software tools that bridge the gap from flight to geospatial data analysis - we are effectively eliminating any major barriers to entry and allowing the industry to begin adopting this technology in their everyday workflows on a broader scale."

The partnership can be seen as a statement of intent from DJI who, although already dominating the consumer market, see the huge potential for growth in commercial software. Data gathering and analysis, with the help of drones, is set to transform industries from agriculture to inspection and infrastructure.