Japanese Tech Company Syncs Drones to Music Beneath Mt Fuji

Remember that incredible lightshow back in January, where 100 drones were synced by Intel to a live orchestra in Austria? Well, the Japanese have done something similar, with a slightly more impressive backdrop. 

Japanese marketing agency MicroAd has recently launched its own version of a drone light show, similar to the Spaxels used by Intel. They call it Sky Magic, and it's a similar aerial system made up of smart drones armed with around 16,500 LEDs. Earlier this week the company demonstrated the potential of the technology in front of the Mt. Fuji, alongside a group of traditional Japanese guitar players. The result was what the company calls a “ballet in the sky”.

MicroAd expect that its drone light show could be used for music festivals, sports events and special occasions, and judging by the footage from the demo, there's bound to be plenty of interest.