PwC Launches Drone Services

PwC, the largest professional services firm in the world, has announced that it's launching several drone services for commercial partners. 

The company has even set up a global drone headquarters in Poland. But this isn't necessarily because that's where the market and innovation is. Instead it's because Poland is one of a tiny number of countries that actually has fully developed commercial drone regulations.  

The laws in Poland allows for laws permitting both unrestricted commercial drone flights and flights that go beyond a visual line of sight - two things not readily allowed in countries such as the USA and the UK. 

PwC’s drones have been tailored toward the construction, energy and insurance industries, and are armed with high-resolution cameras, sensors and geo-location devices. They'll be able to send images and data back to base, which can then be analysed to map out terrain, assess structural defects or highlight environmental impacts from surrounding geography. 

“The breadth of potential applications is so huge,” said Michał Mazur, partner at PwC’s drone-powered solutions division. Monitoring infrastructure, managing construction sites, insurance assessments, structural checks. It is all about connecting drone abilities and attributes with business needs.”

Software is where the real money is

It's a big move for such a huge company to put faith in the power of drones. But we've written in the past about how innovation in drone software is what will truly see the market take off. Arguably both sides of the industry are reliant on one another. Big corporations need to adopt drone technology to help push forward regulations. While they will increasingly depend on smarter software to make the most out of their eyes in the sky. 

PwC has also released a report - Clarity from Aboveall about the drone industry and its future. We'll take a closer look at that tomorrow.