Disney Patents Reveal Big Drone Plans

Last month Disney officials applied to the FAA for a very specific waiver to the no-fly zone normally enforced over all theme parks and sporting events in America. The reason? They want to fly their own drones of course.



On top of that, current Federal Aviation Administration rules only allow daytime flights, and pilots are only supposed to control a single drone at any one time. Disney asked to fly drones during its evening fireworks show, using a team of four employees monitoring up to 50 automated drones.

Until this week we didn't know exactly what Disney were planning, but patents discovered clearly show that officials at the fairytale park are hoping to use drones as projectors. Specifically, Disney has filed for a “projection assembly for use with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)", as the media powerhouse looks for ways to advance both entertainment and advertising.

disney drone

It appears that Disney managers plan to use drones to create large, flying characters during night-time entertainment displays. We're talking Aladdin and his flying carpet, and perhaps a few witches. It should be quite a spectacle, especially if Intel's 100-drone swarm show is anything to go by.