Drone Racing Goes Mainstream with ESPN

Broadcaster ESPN has signed a multi-year deal with the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA), in a move that will see live coverage and highlights of FPV racing starting this summer. 

DRL has been leading the way in drone racing, until now?

DRL has been leading the way in drone racing, until now?

About time too! We've been saying for a while that drone racing is a sport destined to take off into the mainstream, and it looks as though it's going to do exactly that. Previously we've brought you news from the Drone Racing League, arguably the States' most high profile FPV organization. The company has already held a couple of incredible events in New York and Miami, with another race from Hollywood soon to be released. 

But the deal with ESPN features a different drone racing media company, the IDRA. This summer the IDRA is hosting the first ever US National Drone Racing Championships. The event will take place over three days in early August. Each session will be streamed live on ESPN3, while edited hour-long highlights will appear on one of the stations major terrestrial sports channels.  

In a statement, Scot Refsland, chairman of the IDRA, said, “Drone racing gives anyone the ability to fly like a superhero. Because everyone can experience the thrill of racing as if they were sitting in the drone cockpit, the sport is skyrocketing. To go from a first ever, US national drone race to partnering with ESPN for international distribution in eight months is truly a sign of great things ahead.”

We think so too. It's an exciting time for a sport that seems to be growing in popularity at an astonishing rate.