Path provides an easy way to record automated aerial videos just by drawing a flight path on your smartphone or tablet.  

1.  Turn on your controller followed by your drone. Be sure your controller is in F Mode







2.  Plug in your iOS device to your controller via a Lightning to USB cable.







3.  Once connected, you will see your drone's health metrics across the top of your screen.  Tap the Path icon and move and zoom the map to center your desired flight path.  You will see the drone location represented by the Airnest logo.




4.  When you're ready, tap DONE and draw your flight path. You'll then be prompted to tap where you want the camera to point throughout the flight (POI).  If you do not want a specific POI, then simply tap DONE and the camera will face forward throughout the flight.



5.  Now adjust your flight settings.  You can choose a desired speed, starting altitude, and ending altitude.  If two different altitudes are chosen, the drone will gradually adjust altitude throughout the flight.  By default, Path will automatically control the gimbal pitch based on ground level to the POI.  For manual pitch control throughout the flight, simply switch on Manual Gimbal Control.



6.  Tap TAKE OFF & UPLOAD to start your flight.  The drone will take off and hover at about 3-4 feet.  You will then see a progress bar as the flight data is sent.






7.  Once uploaded, tap START to fly.  

  • Throughout the flight you can switch between the map and the live camera view to start and stop recording and take photos.  
  • Press PAUSE/RESUME to pause the flight at any time.  The drone will simply stop and hover in place. 
  • Once the flight is completed the drone will automatically return home and land.  You can fine-tune the landing by using the controller as it descends.
  • To cancel a Path flight at any time you can simply switch your remote from F Mode to P Mode or hit the "START OVER" button in the app. When you do either the drone will stop flying the path and hover in place, at which point you can redraw another path or take manual control.