Furniture rental for expatriates

At airnest we know that, even far from your country, it is important to feel like home. We would love to help you moving in!

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How it works ?

#1 : Select the items you want.

Select the furniture and appliances from our catalog. An interior designer from airnest can help with the selection if you want to.

#2 : Decide the rental period

But it's still flexible ! You can change the duration, swap items or buy them at any time.

#3 : Tell us when you want us to assemble.

You decide on the best moment for delivery, and we take care of the rest. We typically deliver in 10 working days.

#4 : Decide what's next !

When the rental period is over, we pick up the items for free if you don't keep them. We'll refurbish and re-use them with other clients.

Why airnest?

Get in touch ! We'd be happy to hear from you


Yes, you can. You can easily buy any items that you want to keep, whenever you want to. Just write us an email at, and we'll make you an offer to buy the items at the original retail price, minus the amount you've already paid for that item during your subscription. It can also be cheaper, depending on how the item was when you started the rental.

At the end of your rental period, you'll have several options:

1. You want to buy the items. We'll make a proposal, equals to the original retail price minus what you've already paid for the items.

2. You want to swap some items. Just let us know what you want to swap and the new items, and we'll corrdinate with you on a date to swap.

3. If you're entirely done with your subscription, we'll coordinate with you on a date to pick up your items, for free.

You can write us at at any time to let us know what you want to do !

Most of our pieces are delivered and assembled within 2 weeks. For some items, there might be a longer delivery period (usually 4 weeks). This information would be written in the product page of these articles.

No problem, it happens ! All small damages related to the "normal" use of the furniture are included in the rental contract. For more severe damages, just send us an email at so that we can evaluate the next steps together.

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Featured products

Default Title

Lampe à poser Tassaro

Dès 4,58 €/mois


Convertible d'angle Envy - Bobochic
Tissu et structure en bois

Dès 50,01 €/mois

160 x 230 cm

Tapis Inclusion Bleu Outremer - Edito
100% laine, 160 x 230 cm

Dès 31,92 €/mois

Default Title

Commode 3 tiroirs Lisboa
Placage chêne

Dès 24,22 €/mois


Convertible d'angle Nihad - Bobochic
Velours côtelé

Dès 51,94 €/mois


Fauteuil Rubi
Teck et rotin

Dès 18,06 €/mois

Default Title

Vaisselier Melbourne
Métal avec portes grillagées

Dès 16,52 €/mois

Default Title

Table Ranggo
180 x 90 cm, teck recyclé et métal

Dès 16,13 €/mois